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Lordz io, a small and addictive RTS game, focuses on tactical strategy.Lordz, like all other popular.io games runs directly in your browser without the need for any emulators or downloads. In seconds, you can jump into a game!You build an army to defeat your enemies. You can form alliances with other players to work together against your common enemy. The game is not serious, but it's still fun.Despite all the nonsense and comedy, the game offers a lot of depth in terms strategy.You will build a large army of soldiers, many of which are literally dozens in number. Also, you'll be building a civilization. You'll be harvesting golden to expand your base. It takes place during medieval times. To defend your base, you can build houses, mage towers and even archery towers.

Your only source of currency is the gold mines. They must be built on gold deposits that you can find all over the country. You will get more gold income if you have more. This is the key to winning war.However, the gold deposits are not just there to be found. You will need to use brute force to overthrow other players who have occupied them. To capture a gold mine, you will need to create an army and raise a large number of soldiers.Once you have taken it over, you will need to protect it. The more mines you have, the greater your income. However, you must defend them all and send soldiers to each one.You can earn income by simply collecting loot and killing enemy units if you join a game with all the mines taken.

The key to success is the gold income. It can be used to expand your base or build more units. Start with weak soldiers, who are easy to kill and can be used as fodder very early on.Tech tree climbers can tech amazing units such as dragons that breathe fire if they are high enough. Each unit has its pros and cons. You will have to learn how each one works and what you can use them for.Of course, there are already a few fan sites that you can use to get detailed stats on each unit.

Lordz.io is also unique in that every army has a general who commands it. You can command the entire army if you kill the general in battle. Yes, that's correct. If your army is large enough, you can literally steal their units. This is how a battle can go either way.The alliance feature is another option. Because it is very difficult to survive on your own, you will want to join a group of other players. Chat with other players and join a clan to have allies in case you are attacked. This is particularly important when you are just starting out the game.

For better odds of winning, you should choose a server that is less populated to ensure equal playing against other players.The game lends its support to giant armies. The game favors the players who have the largest armies, whether they are playing in a group or individually. You can be clever with a small number of soldiers but a large army almost always wins. To win the game, you need to be strategic with your soldiers. Split pushing and attacking at the right time are key. Lordz io can be played completely for free and will open in your browser right away. If you enjoy RTS games, then try it out. It combines strategy with an arcade-style Dynasty Warriors feel. You won't regret playing this fast-paced game. It doesn't require an account at all!

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